Greyhound Racer


Welcome to the Sunset Isles, where greyhound racing is everyone’s¬†favourite¬†activity. Pick out a greyhound companion and train it to be the grand champion. Race, train and take care of your dog as you manage each week and plan out your winning strategy.

Greyhound Racer on Android (Free)
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Greyhound Racer on Kongregate
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* Compete in thrilling races with dynamic and exciting outcomes.
* Improve your dog’s traits in speed, stamina and acceleration by training on the beach.
* Buy supplies, toys and fun costumes for your dog from the local pet shop.
* Manage your dog’s health and treat their conditions at the Sunset Isles veterinary clinic.
* Manage your costs wisely to improve your greyhound’s performance in races.
* Sit back, relax and watch a few races as you try to pick out the winners.