Lethal RPG: Chronology

Lethal RPG Chronology

This page represents the clearest representation of the Lethal RPG flash game chronology. I have included one game to represent each chapter in the series. As there are remakes and expanded versions of some of the games, I have left a few out. For a complete archive of the Lethal RPG flash series you can go here. I admit the series continuity is very fractured and vague. The connective tissue that ties the games together is the titular character Lethal, but the stories of each game can be very separate.

War Series

This is where Lethal RPG began. Following a flash animation called Lethal Personality I began an RPG series based off of the lead character. The early games used very little programming and were really just scenes stuck together with glue and duct tape, but they very quickly earned a cult following of fans. The original series was very short on story, it mainly revolved around an undead invasion, which I used as the premise for my re-imagined Lethal RPG: War.

Chapter 1 – LethalRpgBattle
The original game had Lethal take on the Blob King and his Armored Dragon. No real story to be found here. A guest appearance

Chapter 2 – LethalRpgAdventure
A skeleton lord threatens mankind and must be stopped.

Chapter 3 – LethalRpgWar I
The prophecy, an ancient book, has brought about the apocalypse and war!

Chapter 4 – LethalRpgWar II
Hades dark minion raises the dead, threatens the balance and must be stopped.

Destiny Series

The Destiny series of games is where I began to make much bigger more story driven games and were much more focused on the character Lethal and his evil transformation. Global conquest was the main theme of the series.

Chapter 5 – LethalRpgDestiny II: Conquest
An origin story of Lethal’s corruption and rise to power.

Chapter 6 – LethalRpgConqueror
Lethal the half demon rules mankind and must be stopped!

Chapter 7 – LethalRpgDestiny: Rebirth
A complete remake of LethalRpgDestiny.

Universe Series

The Universe series is set many years after the Destiny series, following Lethal’s disappearance and the complete decimation of his planet(now called Alpha #126). The universe is under attack from a powerful alien race called the Krytick who themselves are just pawns of a much more powerful enemy tied to Lethal’s mysterious past.

Chapter 8 – LethalRpgUniverse I: Lost Sweeper
The battles against the Krytick begins on Dantes a small planet in the Vita Nuova System.

Chapter 9 – LethalRpgUniverse II: Resurrection
Lethal is resurrected from the ashes of his destroyed home world to help in the fight against the Krytick.

Chapter 10 – LethalRpgUniverse III: Darkness Reborn
The true menace is revealed! Lethal and the Sweeper Knight must face a powerful foe who will destroy the universe.

Chapter 11 – LethalRpgUniverse IV: Empires
Several decades after the the great war in Vita Nuova, Lethal returns to stop a resurgence of Abyss Remnants who wish to unleash the ultimate evil.

Chapter 12 – LethalRpgUniverse V: Bounty Hunter
Take down Gladious before he conquers the universe. Once you finish this game you can go back and play LRU I: Lost Sweeper to continue the story and it will create an infinite loop 😉