12475_10204444801464665_5192279005124762855_nMy name is Ben Webb, also known as BenSpyda on the flash portals, and I’m the owner of EyeSpyda Games. I am an indie game developer living in Australia and have been making games since I first got my hands on a computer. I’ve primarily developed RPGs over the years but I love a bunch of different genres. My all time favorite game is Skyrim and I also have a sweet spot for oldschool JRPGs, which are a huge influence on my own game creations.

My first attempt at making games and cartoons was with PowerPoint when I was 12. In 2004 I discovered Flash and started making short movies. This was when “The Good Docta” was born, a short movie series that did gain a small cult following on Newgrounds back in the day. It wasn’t until 2006 that I began working on flash games and learning how to program. The Tunnel of Doom and Shoot’n’Stuff were some of my earliest flash games. They were followed by Malevolence Mansion, a horror game that combined elements from my previous works and some experimentation with 3D graphics.

On June 5 2006, I released my first RPG project called LethalRpgBattle, which was based on a short movie called Lethal Personality and although it wasn’t groundbreaking, I received a surprising amount of positive feedback from it. With each each follow up, Lethal RPG began amassing a greater following and became more robust. Lethal’s story stretched across multiple series and eventually ended up in space. On September 26 2014, I released Lethal RPG: War, which retold the story of the original series of games that I released back in 2006, primarily LethalRpgWar 1 & LethalRpgWar 2.

In 2011 I completed a Bachelor of Multimedia at Griffith University, majoring in Game Development. From 2009 – 2012 I worked for the Department of Education and Training as an educational flash game developer. In July 2012 I started EyeSpyda Games and now I develop mobile, flash and PC games for a living.

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