Undead encounter in Lethal RPG: War

LRW Update: 2014 Is Here

Here we are in 2014, I hope everyone had a great holiday. I’m confidentĀ this year will be a good year for EyeSpyda Games with the upcoming release of Lethal RPG: War and hopefully a couple other games too. 2013 was a learning experience for me with the release Greyhound Racer and all the challenges that…


LRW Update: In the Name of the King

King Edgar III once ruled the entire Kingdom of Lokia, the continent that is featured in Lethal RPG: War. In the destiny series the continent is called Australokia for reference to the larger world. But with the rise of the Undead Legions, Lokia has been overrun with undead, with the major capitals of Lokia now…


LRW Update: New Screenshots!!!

Check out some new screenshots for Lethal RPG: War. The above image is of the Orcish Domain, the homeland of the Orcs who are no friend to the kingdom of man but are also under attack by Undead Legions. The other screens show the Frozen Fridge capital city and an encounter with bandits in The…


LRW Update: Meet the Necromancer

Meet Victor the Necromancer, one of the eight playable classes in Lethal RPG: War. Banished from the kingdom for practising necromancy, Victor may be your only hope for finding the source of the undead armies that are ravaging the realm. But can he be trusted! Victor’s skillset is focused on his undead minion. After summoning…


LRW Update: Full World Map

I’ve completed the majority of the terrain for the world map, so here is an overview of the world you will explore in the game. It’s the biggest and most detailed world I have created so far. by


LRW Update: Alternate Outfits (Updated)

Check out these alternate outfits for the first three classes. These outfits are some of the less crazy ones, you’ll have to wait for the games release to see those! Next In a future update I hope to share some info about the Necromancer who will probably be the coolest class in the game. by


LRW Update: Boss Encounters

By reducing the size of the characters on screen from previous games in the series, it allows me to make much bigger encounters for the boss fights. For example a dragon could take up the entire right side of the screen. As you can probably tell for this game I’m taking quite a few inspirations…